Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh what do you do in the school pick-up line?

My cutie patootie son started Kindergarten this year and I am getting my first taste of driving to and from school at least twice a day. I am that mom that gets to the pick-up line a wee bit early. If I am lucky, I am usually about the 4th car in line. :) The baby usually sleeps for the duration of the wait and her big sister watches movies and then usually ends up in the front with me. She swears she just wants to 'chill out' up there. :)

So during my 45 minute long wait, I've discovered how to utilize my time with a little guilty indulgence. I have a cute bag loaded with my craft for the day. What's in it this week? Oh let's see....ribbon, lots of ribbon, hair clips, scissors, thread, a lighter, Fabri-Tac (my fave), satin fabric, beads, and pieces of felt.
(My current crafting bag - It's the baby's Trick-or-Treat bag but too cute to just use for one night!)
(and yes...that is a rosette on there)

I started off the school year making hair bows for the girls but then stumbled across this from Make it and Love it! Ashley is so sweet and much to my dismay, I recently discovered that she moved to the city I just moved from! We were just miles away for a few months and I didn't even know it! She is so talented and those rosettes are darling. They are my new crafting obsession! So my assembly line production ends up on these babies:

Since I've made a few gazillion of them myself, I've found a few tricks that help the amateur like me to ensure that they turn out as beautiful as Ashley's. Oh, that post is a great idea for another pick-up line project! Did I just start a theme here? I would love to see what you do for your pick-up line projects! Link them up here:


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Vanessa said...

I love the halloween bag! Cute!

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